ISP Reliability Research

Over the summer, I conducted a short research project under the mentorship of Prof. Fabián Bustamante. I built an interactive chart to help visualize the availability of Internet service providers accounting for the packet loss that is inherent in the design of the Internet. See the full description, or jump straight to the chart.

September 20, 2021


EduSchedule is a web app that helps students and teachers manage appointments. It was created as a self-directed project during my final high school engineering class and was intended to provide a more efficient method of scheduling meetings with school faculty. Building EduSchedule helped me learn Django, a great framework for quickly prototyping web apps and APIs. See the code on GitHub.

May 20, 2019

Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design

I was a member of the Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design team at Glenbrook South High School. Our team took on challenges such as platooning, lane following, and parallel parking at the AIVD competition held at Kettering University. The goal of the Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design (AIVD) challenge was to modify a Jeep Power Wheels car for children to perform autonomous tasks such as platooning, lane following, and parallel parking. This year, learning from last year’s mistakes, we designed a three-wheeled car powered by an Arduino and Raspberry Pi and equipped with cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS....

May 11, 2019

Search and Rescue Quadcopter

As a makerfaire project, I worked with a friend to build a quadcopter with some search-and-rescue features. The quadcopter’s FPV video is processed by OpenCV to detect humans in the vicinity. To build the quadcopter, we followed a guide for 3D printing and assembling a Tiny Whoop quadcopter. To maximize the flying time, we carefullly chose the lightest possible components and optimal batteries. The quadcopter contains a FPV camera that streams video to the receiver, where it is displayed on a low-latency monitor for the pilot and fed to a laptop for processing using computer vision....

May 20, 2018

LED Art Project

I designed and built a modular holographic art piece using a laser-engraved piece of acrylic, RGB LED strip, and custom 3D-printed base. This was a project done during my high school digital electronics class. The internals consist of an Adafruit Trinket and a RGB LED strip, which is connected to the Trinket using a single inline resistor on the data pin. They’re housed inside a custom 3D-printed base, which includes space for an external switch and USB power supply input....

January 3, 2018

8x8x8 LED Cube

For my personal entertainment, I built an 8x8x8 LED cube. It was great soldering practice too. The cube features 512 individual blue LEDs controlled using an STC 40-pin microcontroller and 8 latches. The LED cube was built on a purchased printed circuit board and required about 1,300 solder joints. It’s powered by USB and even programmable via UART.

August 5, 2016